Rendering of the New Entrance Canopy at the Lebanon VA Medical Center

Central PA-based RLS Construction Group was contracted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to construct a new entrance at the Lebanon VA Medical Center, in Lebanon, PA. The new structure will connect Building #1 and Building #104 on the medical center campus.

“We are happy to continue our work at the Lebanon VA,” said Robert Schopfer, President and CEO of RLS Construction Group. “Our past experiences on numerous projects at this high-profile facility provide us with insight into how we can serve the specific needs of the staff and patients.”

Enhancements will include an exterior vehicular canopy, with smaller pedestrian canopies for the comfort of the medical center’s patients and visitors, Additional work includes replacement of an air handler, as well as upgrades to the mechanical systems. 

“The new entrance will welcome visitors to the center, providing a contemporary and cohesive look,” said Schopfer. “By tying the separate buildings together and updating the entrance, this trusted medical center facility will present a modern aesthetic for the public.”