RLS Construction Group doesn’t just talk about safety . . .  we live it!

Safety is a prerequisite for employment at RLS and every employee, whether in the office or on-site, is responsible for safety. RLS employees are required to be proactive in creating a safe workplace. Everyone is encouraged to watch out for their co-workers and to immediately report unsafe conditions or at-risk behaviors to the Site Superintendent, Project Manager, Safety Representative, Safety Committee members, or the President and CEO.

RLS is a member of the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP) and we use that program to establish strategies that will improve worker safety and health. Additionally, OSHA inspectors are always welcome at our job-sites, and our staff views OSHA inspections as a tool to review and validate our safe procedures and practices. Our staff is never anxious about an OSHA inspection because we should ALWAYS be in compliance with all safety requirements.

We employ an in-house Safety Representative, who is responsible for training new employees in on-site safety, inspecting active jobsites for at-risk behavior, reporting compliance with safety regulations, creating safety plans for each project location, scheduling training courses, and working with outside safety consultants. Additionally, all RLS Superintendents have a wide range of safety program certifications, and all of them are certified in OSHA 30, Competent Person, Confined Spaces, Rough Terrain, Aerial Lift, and First Aid/CPR, so every active job-site is always staffed with a safety expert.

Furthermore, all RLS staff members are encouraged to take part in the RLS Safety Committee. Certified by the State of Pennsylvania, the Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss concerns, suggest improvements and relay information regarding safety issues and procedures. The Safety Committee is chaired by RLS President and CEO, Robert Schopfer, and includes the Safety Representative, the outside safety consulting firm, and a cross-section of RLS staff members.

Promoting a safe working environment is a cornerstone to our business. All employees are required to be active in monitoring themselves and their co-workers for adherence to the job-site safety plan, as well as for potentially unsafe practices and conditions. More formal monitoring is performed weekly by the Site Superintendent and bi-weekly by the Safety Representative. Additional observation and review is handled by an outside safety consultant on a monthly basis. Both routine and unexpected inspections provide information on at-risk behaviors and compliance with the safety plan.


Subcontractors and Suppliers: An Important Part of Our Safety Culture

Safety on a construction job-site is not isolated to any single contractor. It is a habitual standard to ensure that we have safe work practices throughout our company, and from subcontractors whose tasks may overlap with our own. It is important to keep a professional and friendly dialogue with other contractors on-site, in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

In addition to all OSHA standards and requirements, RLS requires all subcontractors to adhere to the standard “RLS Project Safety Rules for ALL Projects.” These Rules are provided to every subcontractor before they are permitted on the job-site. Subcontractors are included in our job-site safety orientations, to be sure they are aware and engaged in the on-site safety plan. During site inspections, the subcontractors are evaluated for compliance utilizing the same standards used for RLS employees, and that compliance is reported in the safety inspection documentation. Additionally, all subcontractors on-site are included in the weekly Toolbox Talks, so they are operating with the same base of knowledge as our own staff.


Visiting Our Job-Site? Your Safety is Our Highest Priority!

Every person on the active job-site, including the owner, construction manager, design personnel, and subcontractors/suppliers must adhere to all job-site safety regulations that are in place. The RLS Site Superintendent coordinates the communication of all safety protocols and is responsible for ensuring compliance of everyone on the site.



The bottom line on why we Live Safety EVERY DAY . . .

because life and health is a priceless gift. Once that gift is damaged or taken away, there is nothing on earth that will make up for the loss.