What does Safety look like on the job-site? Check out our SAFETY ALL-STARS, in action:


Engulfment Hazards are one of the most fatal types of dangers in the construction industry, therefore, RLS takes extra precautions to protect our employees from this threat.

Trenching exposes employees to engulfment hazards. Here we see RLS’s Rob Gomulka properly shoring the walls of this excavation to protect our on-site workers.




While Rob is shoring the walls, Keegan Hayes is acting as an outside spotter, to observe the condition of the trench walls, so he can warn Rob of a possible cave-in.





According to RLS Safety Representative, Cole Schopfer:

“I want to give special recognition to Rob (Gomulka), Tony (Victor) and Keegan (Hayes) for their exceptional attitude and show of concern toward safety, specifically on January 5, 2015 at the Aqua Duck Car Wash Site, in Upper Allen Township. When it comes to safety, I would want them working with me on every project!”