At RLS Construction Group, safety is in our actions and applications every day, on every job-site:


Fire Extinguishers MUST be located within 100-ft of active work area.

RLS builds dedicated fire extinguisher stations at every job site, to secure each extinguisher.

All on-site employees know where the fire extinguisher stations are located for a fast response in the event of a fire.




Protecting on-site staff from Impalement Hazards is a standard requirement at every RLS job-site.

Pictured here, rebar is the number one impalement hazard at this job-site, so two RLS employees were tasked to cap each bar, to ensure the safety of the on-site personnel.

No matter the impalement hazard type, this abatement is found on every RLS site.




Limited Access Zones is a strict OSHA requirement to protect everyone on the job-site near potentially unstable walls.

Pictured here, this newly constructed masonry wall is great example of how RLS  ensures the health and safety of everyone on-site.

Although this regulation is easy to overlook, it is ALWAYS enforced on EVERY RLS site, because we do not take chances with the safety of our staff, our subcontractors, or anyone visiting our job-sites.




Safety glasses and hard hats are the most important type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing general construction work.

At RLS, everyone on-site MUST carry safety glasses on their person 100% of the time, so that in the event of an immediate hazard, eye protection is readily available.

Additionally, we provide break-away lanyards, so job-site personnel have quick access to their safety glasses in case of an unforeseen exposure.




Proper Traffic Control, including cones, signage and trained flaggers, is essential for keeping job-site personnel safe when working on or near active roadways.

All RLS staff have completed flagger training, and in “high risk” conditions additional flagger personnel are contracted, to ensure the least exposure to workers.

Additionally, all RLS employees wear “safety green” shirts; perfect for work on or near vehicular traffic, however our staff wears “safety green” on EVERY job-site.



Engulfment Hazards are one of the most fatal types of dangers in the construction industry, therefore, RLS takes extra precautions to protect our employees from this threat.

For example, trenching, which exposes employees to engulfment hazards, have several required procedures to limit the risks to our staff.

Our in-house, dedicated Safety Representative acts as an outside spotter, any time someone is working in a trench on our job-sites, to observe the condition of the trench walls and stay alert for possible cave-ins.

Additionally, a ramp is established, using stone and leading out the trench, to act as a quick egress in the event of a cave-in.



OSHA Regulations are very important guidelines to create a comfortable work environment where everyone feels safe from risks; such as listing Health and Safety information, as well as employee rights.

Every person visiting our job-site is provided with information about their rights and safety, as well as all job-site specific safety protocols.




When you see RLS Construction Group  we want you to think “safety,” because that is behind every action we take, every day. All of the elements of our award-winning safety program work together, and with the commitment of the entire RLS team, we create a secure and comfortable atmosphere on every construction site.



Who is in charge of safety on an RLS job-site? EVERYONE!